Family tracking C310 on FlightAware as it goes down in fog -

FlightAware Flight Tracker Cessna 310R N310CR went down Dec 13 in heavy fog around midnight near Alva Regional Airport in Oklahoma.

Reportedly the pilot had been warned about the fog, but he was determined to make it home to see his family. According to press reports, his wife had been tracking the flight on FlightAware, and heard the emergency calls on a local scanner.

FlightAware photo by Ron Hallman

Alva Review News and photo

News OK story

WOW, looks like a survivable accident. His seat broke loose from the floor and he was thrown out.

Wow - what a terrible story. I guess all GA pilots can learn something from this though - risking your life to get home in inclement weather sometimes just isn’t worth it.

Very sad …classic “get-home” mindset. Feel for the family and freinds.

Similar to the CJ crash last year (FlightAware thread N102PT) where your flight training tells you under no circumstances should you go, yet you allow other interests ie: family, business, to supersede common sense, and learned piloting skills.

Sounds like a very sad, and needless tragedy.

Article quote:
He was a very, very competent pilot, - He knew the instruments well.
He had really good piloting skills. …

And poor judgement which can kill you quicker than anything…
Hate it for his family at Christmas and all…

That is a heartbreaking story.

That is sad, that his wife and daughter were there when it happened.

Tragic accident. Given the weather described as “heavy fog” it sounds to be below minimums for a CATI ILS so he probably shouldn’t have been making the flight anyway, but it doesn’t sound like he ever attempted a miss approach. Even if it’s below minimums it’s safe to try, ASSUMING the pilot abides to the published minimums and doesn’t get impatient and try a “sneak and peek.”

I would’ve expected an accident like this one to occur after the pilot shot the approach a time or two, where patience is woren down and you get ballsy. I’m kinda surprised he busted minimums the first time around…