FAA Question ?


I hope i can ask you this here please, i always seems to answer this incorrectly and i don’t understand why, what do you think is the correct answer ?

The segmented circle indicates that the airport traffic is

A: left-hand for Runway 36 and right-hand for Runway 18.
B: right-hand for Runway 9 and left-hand for Runway 27.
C: left-hand for Runway 18 and right-hand for Runway 36.


Is this some kind of thick question?

What the heck is a ‘wind cone’?




My answer is ‘A’. Runway 36 is the one with the landing zone at the bottom of the picture, showing a left hand turn. ‘B’ would be incorrect because runway 9, the one with the landing zone on the left of the picture, shows a left hand turn. I suspect that you are thinking runway 36 is the one with its landing zone on the top, 27 on the left, etc. Runways are numbered according to your heading when you land.

Also, be careful about the difference between a wind sock/cone and a wind triangle. They point different directions to indicate which runway to use.


“A” is the correct answer, as stated.
I always had to make sure I explained to my students the difference between a windsock and a tetrahedron, and made sure they were looking at the diagram correctly. I thought for sure at first that was sternone’s confusion. A tetrahedron is basically a wedge, and the pointy end points INTO the wind.


I’m so glad you all picked A, because in the answers i’m using they are stating answer B!!!

That is a mistake right ? 100% sure ?


I have the same question, book is: The Complete Private Pilot by Bob Gardner, tenth edition. Page 5-30.

Same diagram as above and question as follows;

The segmented circle shown in Figure indicates that the airport traffic is,

A-left-hand for Rwy 17 and right-hand for Rwy 35.
B-right-hand for Rwy 9 and left-hand for Rwy 27.
C-left-hand for Rwy 35 and right-hand for Rwy 17.

Answer; C-left-hand for Rwy 35 and right-hand for Rwy 17.


Final answer!


I was kidding…


I was being ironic Frank.


Shows a pretty good example here: Page 3 Figure 1
faa.gov/airports_airtraffic/ … 340_5c.pdf