FAA proposes massive Piper airworthiness directive . . .

Click Here FAA is proposing a directive that covers PA28, PA32, PA34. and PA44 models that may affect over 41,000 aircraft - Piper built aircraft to have their right and left control columns inspected and possibly repaired due to faulty factory assembly work.

From FAA, SUMMARY: We propose to adopt a new airworthiness directive (AD) for
certain Piper Aircraft, Inc. (Piper) PA-28, PA-32, PA-34 and PA-44
series airplanes. This proposed AD would require an inspection of the
control wheel shaft for both the pilot and copilot sides and, if
necessary, replacement of the control wheel shaft. This proposed AD
results from two field reports of incorrectly assembled control wheel
shafts. We are proposing this AD to detect and correct any incorrectly
assembled control wheel shafts. This condition, if left uncorrected,
could lead to separation of the control wheel shaft, resulting in loss
of pitch and roll control.

“resulting in loss
of pitch and roll control.”

Oh…is that all. :open_mouth:

It’ll never get issued, guaranteed.

Hmmm, 41,000 airplanes with millions of hours, and two airplanes have a suspected defect, yeah AOPA will let this one slide.

They’re not making this an emergency AD that everyone has to do “right now”. This would probably be something that has to be done within the next 50 hrs, 100 hrs, or at the next annual. Not exactly an earth shattering proposal.