FA Pro Stick problems

I tried switching to the new Pro Stick. When I switched PlanePlotter and adsbscope does not show anything. It seems to work fine when I look at it from the Flightaware side.


Can you provide more information about your setup, what connects to what, how the software is setup, etc?

Use Zadig to re-install the RTL drivers as Windows has probably replaced them when it sees the new hardware.

Hi Brian,
Are you using windows,linux or raspberry pi and also which decoding software ?

I am running PiAware 2.1-5 on a Raspberry Pi 2.

Is there a chance that the RPIs IP address changed and you need to reconfigure the desktop software?

The IP address is correct. I switch back to a generic dongle and everything works fine.

Hi Brian,
Total guess here .
I take it that you are running planeplotter on a windows pc and have your pp settings as
options,mode s receiver,rtl dongle dump1090 rpi,setup tcp client,ipaddressofpi:30005

If you are running dump1090-mutability try this

Close all planeplotter windows first.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure dump1090-mutability

go through the settings again, leave them unchanged apart from when you come to

"Interface address to bind to (blank for all interfaces) " , remove and leave entry blank.

when the setup menu is completed dump1090 will restart, check for activity again by opening planeplotter , first to save confusion cycle through and select arrow up icon from the header menu (display aircraft received by your pi station only, you can change this back later)

Hit the green button to start pp & check also the other programs you were having problems with.

You could perhaps look at this installing adsb-receiver from the thread in this section with subject set up scripts.
This would give you piaware flight aware feeder plus lots more including station monitoring graphs.
It was set up by FA member jprochazka and is really easy to set up and use.

When I switched sticks today I found I needed to stop and restart Planeplotter but FA uploads started automatically as soon as the RPi was rebooted. Mlats restarted after a few minutes after resynchronisation.

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That is normal behaviour I think.
Planeplotter somehow does not collect aircraft data after unpluging stick or stopping and starting dump1090 via the command line when having a pp session open.
Other services including the d1090 local map page will recover fine but pp seems to struggle to do so without closing pp and opening it again.
When unplugging a stick for example for a 20 secs and plug it back in. If you have the message rate meter enabled in view menu (-m) the meter drops off to zero, plug the stick back in and messages stay at zero even though d0190:8080 has fully recovered from the blip and is chugging away processing and getting hundreds of msgs per sec.
Close pp and open it again and the meter bounces back and local aircraft jump back with it on to your chart.
Perhaps it isnt such a bad thing as it does alert you that there has been an outage or a change in your system.