F-22 out of Elmendorf AFB Alaska missing - search ongoing .



An Air Force F-22 assigned to the 3rd Wing at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, lost contact with air traffic control at 7:40 p.m. Alaska time today while on a routine training mission.

Search currently underway . . .

Only update so far; aircraft was a F-22A (One pilot), no distress calls were heard, aircraft dropped off radar 90 miles NE of Elmendorf Air Force Base.

Weather conditions reported as ‘fair’, and mission described as a training flight.


Wow. . .
Out toward the Talkeetna mountains?



Pilots life is not worth 143 million bucks. . . Lets hope for the best. :frowning:


That’d be the Alaska Range my young friend


At least I put a question mark. :laughing:



From South to north of (Anchorage) -

The Alaska Range
The White Mountains
The Caribou Mtns
The Brooks Range

there are several smaller ranges included like the Ray Mtns and the Crazys that are actually part of larger ranges.

I know just about every nook and cranny north of Fairbanks, including a small amount in the Alaska range. 8)

Crawling up the John River in a snow storm with a little more then 3 miles vis on the way to PANV was always fun :open_mouth:


Latest update video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdKpsyI_8Co)


Such a shame. We lost an AF contractor Cessna M337B down here in Florida during a training mission at Avon Park Air Force Range SW of TPA yesterday. All three crewmen dead. Seems like it’s a hell of a bad 48 hours for our Air Force. I only pray somehow this pilot in Alaska did survive.


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Yes master. . .


Pilot fatally injured in crash . . .

thekathrynreport.com/2010/11 … -grad.html


Horribly sad. May Captain Hanley rest in peace. I can’t help but think of his poor wife and young kids . . . as an O-3 he was probably only around 30 years old. :frowning: