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Expectation and goals

Hello all.
I hope there is a solution for my goals. I have recently purchased an Allegro light sport, N456TS. I would like to track its transponder during flights. I have setup a PiAware and I’m currently running it with the small 6" antenna until I get the permanent setup installed. I have an outdoor antenna from DP Productions which will be mounted on my weather station. On the tower, coupled with being located in a higher elevation area, I expect some good range. It will also have a battery backup to reduce downtime and corrupting the SD card.

My question is how to track the aircraft… When looking up the historical data, it reads “Blocked This flight is restricted from public view.” Is Flightaware the correct solution for me? If not, is there a way to do it locally on the Pi?

Also, my location for the tracker keeps moving on the map…Entering the correct location gets ignored. I know there is a bug, I’m just noting that I’m also effect by it.


It should work great. Did you enable position-only flights in your profile?

What URL is giving you that error?

At: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N456TS
It states that it’s restricted from viewing.

I switched to your account and it works fine. Are you saying you can track your flights but you’re concerned about warning?

If so, it’s just saying the data is available to the public since you’re seeing the position-only beta.

What confuses me is that it states the opposite. It states:

This flight is restricted from public view

Yes, that is enabled.

Sorry, I meant not available. You’re accessing data not available to the public because you opted in.

What did I opt into? I wasn’t aware of opting in or out of anything. I’ve only owned the aircraft for a couple weeks. Perhaps the original owners did something. If so, how do I correct that? :question:


You are viewing flights that we source solely on ADS-B data. This is a beta feature. Because you are an ADS-B feeder, this is available to you.

Got it. Thanks for the clarification. It wasn’t quite connecting in my head.