Evergreen and Atlas planes shown as Dreamlifter

I would like to know why whenever I look at an Evergreen International or Atlas Air flight, the picture shown is a Dreamlifter. For example, this Evergreen flight: flightaware.com/live/flight/GTI8636. I know the Evergreen is definitely not a Dreamlifter, because it is a 742, and I am almost positive the Atlas Air flight is not a Dreamlifter, either.

The Dreamlifter is a B742. The logic behind the picture being shown is to show the airline and the most popular B742 (in this case) aircraft and display it.

According to Wikipedia, it is a 744.

The 747-400 Dreamlifter[155] (originally called the 747 Large Cargo Freighter or LCF[156]) is a Boeing-designed modification of existing 747-400s to a larger configuration to ferry 787 Dreamliner sub-assemblies.

But this is beside the point. I guess that makes sense, but I just wish it would show the regular 742 and 744, not the Dreamlifter.

It’s the way the software ‘chooses’ a photo to display, based on the highest number of votes.

If you search the photos for Atlas Air (GTI) you’ll see the two most popular, according to the voters, are Dreamlifters so the top one with 31 votes always gets shown.

It’s a terrible system; there are numerous instances of poor, sometimes truly awful, photos due to the votes being the default displayed when other much, much better photos of the same aircraft have been posted but with fewer votes. The photo database is an adjunct or add-on to the primary function of Flightaware. Unfortunately it shows.

update Apparently I was wrong about how the default photo is chosen.
Case in point: CFWSK (Westjet 737) - the photo shown has 0 votes, fewer views than others and is of lower quality(IMO). How on earth does it ‘qualify’ then ?