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Error: can't read "flight(airline)": no such element in array

In the last 24 hours, a number of my requests have come back with this error.

If I remove the filter parameter, it returns as expected.

I’ve opened a ticket for our development team to investigate.

Thanks. It seems to be certain flights that are affecting it, but it’s hard to determine which ones exactly. Depending on what offset I use it sometimes works properly and sometimes returns that error.

Edit: Just realized I posted this under my other username. I am the OP.
(HTW is for my ADS-B feeder, this is for my XML usage)

Any progress on this? It is still happening. And it’s causing me to have to pull unfiltered data which is using up way more data than I need to.

There will possibly be a fix later this week, but it is awaiting development.

We don’t currently believe this is a regression, as the problematic code has not recently changed, however newly detected flights from some airlines may be triggering this problem. Please also note that FlightXML 3 is still only considered beta quality.

Try things now and see if the problems have been completely eliminated. Some changes were just deployed today that we think should have improved this problem.

So far so good. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if I come cross any more issues. Thanks for following up!