Error 502

Can someone please check why I’m getting these responses:

{“title”:“Internal error”,“reason”:“INTERNAL_ERROR”,“detail”:“Internal error has occurred”,“status”:502}

5xx errors are HTTP response status code errors indicating that an invalid response was provided by the destination server. There isn’t much you can do about them other than clearing your cache and rebooting your network equipment.

Have you noticed any patterns in the types of requests you are making when you receive that error? Can you provide an example of a query that does so?

No, I just put logging in place as I want to track when we exceed query limits and I’m capturing any responses other than success. We still have a limited number of users using this API and hope to turn it on for all around December 1st. I had an account issue a few weeks ago and seems these errors were along the same line so I wanted to make sure there wasn’t an issue with my account causing this. No real reason to be getting other than success messages, the 502’s must be something on your end hence my inquiry.

Seeing a few of these, no doubt I’m sending in the one and only api key. Not sure why I’m seeing these error responses:

{“title”: “Invalid API key”, “reason”: “INVALID_API_KEY”, “detail”: “Provided API key is not valid”, “status”: 401}