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Erroneous "En Route/Scheduled to" Info

Unsure if this is a bug or if Flight Aware changed something that caused this annoying issue to happen:

I was looking at the En Route/Scheduled to KGFK list to see when FDX was due in out of Memphis, when I noticed that there was a ton of NDU Flights sitting in the queue.

I paged through all of these flights and finally found the FDX flight at about record 316.

Odd thing was that the first NDU flight listed was scheduled to depart at 0730am CDT while the FedEx was scheduled to depart at 0354CDT. Also while paging through all of the NDU flights I noticed that I went through all of the days of the week 3 times. When clicking on one of these NDU flights I do not see any scheduled flights on the page (that opens), just the last time the aircraft flew IFR, which for some of the tail numbers was back in 2010.

Where are all of these records coming from? How long is a delayed record supposed to stay in the “En Route/Scheduled to” section?