Equipment Question


Im flying CO1555 Dec 27th - PBI-EWR

Equipment should be 757-300 for this flight according to CO

Flight aware shows history of flights for CO1555 with 757-300 (324 or 33N) equipment being used, however, when I go to ACARS, the equipment is 757-224 on the days flight aware is saying 300. I looked up N numbers of the equipment used, and they are 757-224

Can anyone explain why this is occuring and what is the difference between the 200 and 300, and what should i expect to get on.

Also, ACARS gave me 10 different N numbers without repeating an N number. Wouldn’t the same plane at least rotate back to that flight sooner, it was months before the same N number was repeated :question: :question:


Continental could have a canned flight plan with the FAA that shows a 757-300, even though the -200 model is actually used. If that’s the case then FlightAware will show what the FAA thinks it is.

Aircraft routing: It’s not unusual for an aircraft to do something like A-B-C-D-E-A-G-F without repeating a segment, especially on short-to-medium haul flights.

You can get more information on the 757’s by going to


First of all, thanks for your reply and information. I went back to my reservations, and looked at the seating arrangment. It is definately the 300 because there are 42 rows available. The 200’s only have around 34-35. I looked it up at … 00_New.php

Right now, I am having trouble doing a search on ACARs, but will try again later. This is starting to give me a headache :angry: