DAL1668 B757 or A320


I am booked on DAL 1668 LAX to MSP in late Aug, and when booked through Delta.com, it was on a B757-200, but I noticed recently they started flying A320 on that route…


This is not a Boeing vs Airbus issue, but I thought the 320 had less seats than the 752. So is this a setup for a very oversold flight? Delta still shows it as a 757-200, and even if I try to book a ticket today (Aug 17), Delta shows it as a 757-200, but FA shows it as an A320, with yesterday being an A320 as well.

Any news on Delta changing up that route? Should I be concerned about this leg getting revised? (we are catching another flight from MSP over the Atlantic with DAL)



I wouldn’t use FlightAware to try to predict what type of aircraft I’m flying on. The aircraft shown is not always accurate. Your best bet is to contact Delta directly.

As you said, Delta does show a 757 for DAL1668. It could be that the pax loads for today and at least the next couple of days are low enough that it makes more sense to substitute an A320 for the 757.


The A320 yesteday was a 1 day change that Delta put in the schedules months ago:

 carrier | fltno | departure_time | arrival_time | origin | destination | equip | effective_from | effective_to 
 DL      |  1668 | 15:10:00       | 20:41:00     | LAX    | MSP         | 757   | 2011-08-01     | 2011-08-15
 DL      |  1668 | 15:10:00       | 20:40:00     | LAX    | MSP         | 320   | 2011-08-16     | 2011-08-16
 DL      |  1668 | 15:10:00       | 20:41:00     | LAX    | MSP         | 757   | 2011-08-17     | 2011-08-20
 DL      |  1668 | 15:10:00       | 20:41:00     | LAX    | MSP         | 757   | 2011-08-21     | 2011-09-06
 DL      |  1668 | 15:10:00       | 20:47:00     | LAX    | MSP         | 757   | 2011-09-07     | 2011-09-30

The flight tomorrow is in the schedules as a 757 (above) and the carrier sent us a message yesterday at 1055Z indicating it will be a 757, but then send an update yesterday at 2050Z indicating tomorrow’s flight will be an A320.

If it’s important that you make the flight I’d suggest picking a seat that exists on both to help minimize the chance of being bumped.


Well tix were already purchased.

Thanks for the info on the flights.



You can always change your seat (as long as there are seats available to move to). Just call the airline, or do it on the airline’s Web site.


it could also be that they use the smaller A320 on certain days of the week (such as Saturday when loads are generally lighter), i know just working with Delta Connection, they do a lot of that, we’ll see a CRJ-700 on a flight one day and theyll drop it to a CRJ-200 on Saturday. we’ve even recently started getting an MD-88 turn in the afternoon, that they drop down to a CRJ-200 on Saturdays…