Enroute not giving all flights

I am trying to pull all aircrafts on enroute but it is not giving me all aircrafts.

Here is my code:

var ScheduledFlights = df.Enroute(“MWCR”, 100, null, 0);

Can you guys help me?

Thanks in advance


Have you called SetMaximumResultSize yet? For new FlightXML 2 accounts this value is set at 15 and limits the maximum effective howMany usable in requests. Setting this value to 100 or greater will allow your request to work as expected.

If the limit is set to 15, does this return the closest flights when using searchbirdseyeposition? For me it seems to be random…
Do we need to set the limit only once?

You set SetMaximumResultSize once and then you are able to return up to that number of results per query. Keep in mind that even though the result size is increased, you would still be charged per 15 results.

Are you using SearchBirdseyePositions or SearchBirdseyeInFlightto get the flight en route to MWCR?

I use SearchBirdseyePositions