Request ManyFlights more than 15

Good afternoon.

We are using your services, more than 12000 queries , and will use more, and we use qthe queries Enroute, Shceduled, Arrived and Departed.

When we request some flights per airport (using one of this queries), we request only 15 flights. Can we request 150 Flights at once in one query? For example, we will request flights for query “Sheduled”, and we want to request in one call 150 Flights at once, and not call 10 times this query.

Can this be possible?

I have some horry to get this information.

Best regards,

Ricardo Sousa

To receive more than 15 results from any FlightXML function you must first opt-in to larger results by calling SetMaximumResultSize. The value you specify for howMany can then be less than or equal to the max_size that you specify.

Thank you.

It works. I’m testing right now, and works fine.

Thanks for all.

Ricardo Sousa