Engine Monitor

We need a new engine monitor for our PA-32RT-300T. We currently have 2 stock (unreliable) Piper analog monitors and an old school JPI scanner that just gives EGTs, TIT and 1 CHT. We would prefer a new unit that gives us all 6 CHT’s, EGT’s, TIT and oil temp.

It looks like JPI and Insight are the leaders but wanted to get some input from some fellow flyers.

I like the JPI as it has a fuel totalizer, % power, tach etc all in the one little package.

EI’s UBG16 is a very close second w/ Insight (IMHO) a distant 3rd.

I’m getting pricing on the new JPI-830 right now. Don’t be afraid, it mounts in a round hole without cutting the panel and it can be mounted in any of four positions. If you currently have JPI products in you plane the sensors can be used. If you already have an 800, upgrading to an 830 is cheap and easy.

About how much does that run?

That’s an incredible display, but it sure takes up a lot of real estate. I’m thinking most people install that on the right side?

I’m looking to put it here.

JPI 830 $3650.75 aircraftspruce.com/catalog/i … 830jpi.php

Frank Holbert

have had a gemini 1200 for almost 15 yrs in C340. It has about 1400 hrs on it 90 % of the probs are the same ones installed new, I think most that were replaced were due to a dumb a## a&p breaking the lead etc It has been a GREAT product, it logs all readings.It is the last thing I look at before v2/vR as a ENG CK

I thought about the JPI-730 (don’t need the 800 series since we have a 450 fuel scan) but don’t have the realestate for it. I love the display but 4"X3" is a little to big.

I have the 450 also. The 450 sending unit just plugs into the back of the 830. Money saved!

I had one in my hand and in my plane last weekend. Takes very little space. Download this, cut it out and try it for a fit.

aircraftspruce.com/catalog/p … layout.pdf

Frank…your panel would look much nicer with this… 8)

9 cylinder mode??? I wonder how many radial engine aircraft are equipped with these!

Yea, but my bank account wouldn’t.

:laughing: C’mon Frank, you have an “airplane”…you must be rich or sumthin’… :wink:

I’d love it if you could talk our owner in to buying one


Probably quite a few Sukhoi SU-26/29/31’s and some Yak 50/52’s. :wink:

He probably wants something that works not this aspen junk


Ahhhhhha, I hadn’t even thought about the Russian aerobatic airplanes. Good call. :blush:

Frank - what are you going to do with the 450 display?

Ebay baby!