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My Aviation monitoring antenna farm

Here is my aviation monitoring antenna farm. Left to right 978 Cantenna, 1090 ADSB antenna and a dual band VHF/UHF for ACARS.


i like to see other equipment, this is a part of mine. Thanks for sharing


That’s some seriously impressive equipment you have there.

The other day, I was wondering about starting a straw poll somewhere to find out how many people who receive aircraft voice and/or data transmissions are actually into other forms of radio communication as well.

I guess I can count you as a +1.


Both of those are impressive. Thanks for sharing!


This would be very interesting to know, this is my personal station, I like to listen the pilot and then track them on Flight Aware or Flight Radar. This is a little Facebook video https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156881027130926&id=737325925


Your desk looks a little heavy, let me take one of those HF rigs off your hands to free up a little space. -AE0EU, ex-VE8NE


Hi hi should be fine, i made it out of 2x4 lumber Thank for the reply :grin:

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I call this (art?!) installation: The suspended Airsberry Pi!

A fan is way better at keeping things cool than those puny heat sinks i used.
The heat sinks alone probably help some but with a fan they are unnecessary.

Not quite sure why i got the 12 cm fan to be honest.
Well the 8 cm fan is the same price and even the 12 cm one seems to run fine on 5.2 V.

I can’t recommend this power supply for attics by the way, when installing the fan and inspecting everything i found several ladybird bugs who had died between the mains terminals.
Luckily they didn’t short anything or dried fast enough at low current bzzz.
Let’s hope the new location and constant breeze makes the power supply less attractive.
(It’s still a nice supply if you don’t mind the mains wiring https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00MWQDAMU)

The fan has reduced the temperature of the RPi Core by 15C:


For anyone running the Airspy Mini at 20 MHz, it gets really hot.
(uncomfortable to touch and this is at roughly 25 C ambient)
With the fan it’s much cooler.

Those heat sinks probably had bad quality adhesive that didn’t transfer the heat well but they are still better than nothing when going with passive cooling.

The RPi and fan are powered directly by the 5V power supply which is adjusted to 5.2 V so it’s 5.0 V on the main power rail of the RPi.
Then the bias-t get’s +4.8 V or so through a diode so it doesn’t get the full 5.2V.
The negative for the bias-t goes through the Pi and coax.

Curiously enough the system is now mounted much better than it was :slight_smile:
(Maybe some zip ties could make it look better)

Now the attic can go to 45 C and my RPi should still be fine.


Good job, i notice à lot of people talk about preamp, never tried it yet but will do shortly. I have antennas to install and coax to feed so will do it at same time. Thanks for sharing

This is my set up i monitor aircraft communications on hf also decode hfdl using multipsk,i also monitor aircraft on vhf and decode acars using kgacars as for adsb i have an airnav micro and a flightstick which i cannot get it to work 2 blue flightaware sticks and 1orange also have a kinetic sbs-3 plus i am also a flightaware feeder…

Regards Lino…