Emirates and Seattle

I heard Emirates is filling up their Boeing 777-200LR very quick from and to Seattle from a friend who works at the South Satellite Terminal at KSEA! Now that the summer travel season is coming up fast, will there be a chance that Emirates might upgrade to a Boeing 777-300ER for more passenger accommodation, or will they keep using their 777-200LRs until they feel its necessary to switch to the 777-300ER?

What do you guys think?

And also, will there be a chance that Emirates will upgrade to the A380 for KSFO, KLAX, and/or KIAH in the future? And what about KIAD after a couple months of flying?

It really depends I could see KSEA getting the 200LR in the Winter and the 300ER in the summer. KLAX gets more traffic so id expect to get an up grade to the A380 sometime soon. KLAX gets 3 or more A380s A day. I wouldn’t get your hopes up on any upgrades to KAID KSFO and KIAH anytime soon. Who knows though. Good Luck!

A380 can’t make it to most with a worthwhile payload… OMDB-KLAX ESAD is nearly 8000 nm.