Emirates Upgrades For US and Possible New Routes


As we all know, UAE203/204 will be upgraded to an A380 by the end of this year or beginning of next, and UAE225/226 will be upgraded to an A380 by January 2013. Also, the newest Emirates route will be to IAD starting September 12, 2012 operating with a Boeing 777-300ER.

NOTE: These are all only possibilties!


  1. UAE211/212 could be upgraded to an A380 since they’ve been operating there since 2007, and they have high passenger accommodation. Also if possible, they can re-establish UAE213/214 and use another Boeing 777-200LR, either swapping it from DFW, or SEA, or another flight. The reason I say the 777-200LR is because for the uncalled for amount of passengers the first time it re-operates.

  2. UAE215/216 could be upgraded to a Boeing 777-300ER, or an A380. Or if possible, UAE217/218 should be upgraded to an A380. *.

  3. Emirates should think about adding another flight to SFO, which should operate the same departure time from DXB, and arrival time at SFO and back as UAE217/218 does. My opinion is that they should establish it within the next 1-3 years and use a Boeing 777-200LR, either swapping it from DFW, or SEA, or another flight. The reason I say the 777-200LR is because of the same reason stated in UAE211/212. Like when they operated for the first time to SEA with the Boeing 777-300ER, ending up being downgraded to a 777-200LR because of low passenger accommodation. If swapping aircrafts with one of those routes, they should replace it with a Boeing 777-300ER.

  4. What ever happened to Emirates’ 3rd flight to JFK, UAE205/206? Did it stop because of low passenger accommodation, low revenue, or something else? And why have the stop in Hamburg? I doubt it’s possible for Emirates to re-establish that flight. But if they were to, it could operate the same departure time it had from Dubai, but have a different arrival time with the stop in Hamburg. This could be operated by the 777-300ER.

New Routes
Portland, OR? <------ Unlikely
Las Vegas

What do you guys think about these possibilities?*


Emirates to Denver? I wish! ha, anyways I live in Denver and Denver International Airport is a big connection hub, so I doubt Emirates will fly over here. Ex: our flights route OMDB-KJFK-KDEN. Dues to Uniteds and Southwests big hubs here at KDEN, they would just upgrade Uniteds aircraft to a 777-200 or 747-400 to OMBD. Unfortunately. and hope this helps a little bit.


This doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Every city Emirates flies to in the USA is a large connection point: SEA, SFO, LAX, IAH, DFW, JFK, and (coming soon) IAD.

Generalization. Not everyone knows that the flights will be upgraded.

The next city for Emirates, according to their website, is Washington, DC.


Pretty much 0% chance EK will ever go to HNL or PHX.

Only way they’d go to DEN is if they somehow started codesharing with one of the hubbing carriers there. Local market is way too small.

They could fill the plane to DTW with ethnic traffic but it would be pretty low yielding. Maybe if as they take more new aircraft and convert older aircraft to a more dense seating arrangement it could work.


As I stated at the beginning of this discussion, I already said IAD would be the next route… I’m just stating the possible new routes…

I would actually see Emirates going to Denver via JFK.

You might not know. They might do it within the next 10-20 years. Or by the time they operate to every large city in the US…


Just confirming…

That’s not the Emirates style. With the exception a very few cities, Emirates flies nonstop to all of their destinations from Dubai. On those few flights, Emirates has local traffic rights, something they wouldn’t have on a DEN/JFK route.

I can see Emirates going to Denver (nonstop) if and when the oil exploration in the Colorado/Wyoming/Dakotas area is completed.


When I flew into Christchurch, New Zealand, and saw a Emirates 777 sitting there, I realized just how far reaching that airline was. Though I’m pretty sure it was a continuation leg from Sydney or Auckland.

That said, Emirates’ ability to expand its network will probably be challenged because it is not formally part of an alliance. They have code share deals, such as their one with Alaska that disperses passengers when they fly Emirates to Seattle, but it is hard to fill up a daily flight to cities like Denver or even Philadelphia without getting help with connecting passengers to pay the freight. Going to Dulles makes sense, United has operated a Dubai-Dulles non-stop for some time and other Middle East airlines go in there. I know Qatar Airways does. There’s proven demand.

They’ve been kicking around going to O’Hare for years but have not, I don’t believe. If they were partnered with United or American, they would’ve been there years ago.

If Emirates was getting some 787s, which I don’t think they are, then I could see it. But they clearly want to fly bigger between Dubai and large markets. Upgrading to the A380 I don’t think helps adding U.S. markets, especially secondary ones like Denver or Las Vegas.


DEN could handle UAE’s 787’s if they had them, hence UAL’s 787 coming here soon. DEN is not A380 capable, only so many airports would have the need to have so many passengers from such n such airline, also gate reconfiguration and bigger taxiways.