emirates 216


I track the emirates 216 every day , and since 2 december its flown by the a380 , the route is usually 13400 km and it passes the arctic and comes down from russia via iran and lands in dxb . it takes about 15 and a half hours , yesterday jan first the emirates a380 took of from lax and flew above mid usa even lower than washington dc then mid atlantic then spain italy greec turkey syria iraq persian gulf and then dxb , the route was anounced 15400 km , 2000 km more than usual but the flight time was 15 hours and 23 minutes just as always , are you kidding me ?? did the a380 go super sonic ???well i understand that its possible to have a ground supersonic speed while having an air sub sonic speed due to winds (ground speed can be different to air speed) , is that the case here ??

Thank you in advance .


Probably a favorable jet stream gave a good push and more than made up for the extra distance…



Wow thats truly amazing , 2000 km more than the usual route , i love the wind streams .