emergancy landing/forced take off at KSMO???


I was watching some planes land and take off. Then all of the sudden i see Dassault Falcon 50 did a mile or less turn into SMO. Jets usually never do a quick turn there. Then just before taking off it sat there for a while before Turing onto the runway. When it turned onto the runway it sat there for almost a minute before doing a slow take off. It look like the noise abatement or manager people were watching it take off. Don’t know if it was engine problems or something else that was major. It was on Monday April 22. It landed around noon and took off around 12:40 pm. The tail number is N192RS.


The “noise abatement” people??? Can I get that job?


flightaware.com/live/flight/DCM7 … /KSMO/KBJC

Guessing from this flights history, it made the short hop over from Van Nuys to SMO, then departed for Denver.


Holding before takeoff was likely waiting for an ATC release from radar, IFR departures from SMO have to slot into LAX traffic. The same for sitting on the runway for a minute, the local controller had no other traffic but did have a release from SoCal Tracon that called for waiting for another minute . With no other immediate traffic to contend with they might as well line up and wait.
A “slow” takeoff is rather subjective. The crew may have been using a reduced power procedure for noise.


Thanks for the replies. Didn’t see the flight history until that link was posted.