EI yesterday

I was surfing around just now and came across this:


Any idea if it went? As a DC-10? Who’s 10 if so?

World Airways has operated sub service for Aer Fungus in the past with an MD-11. My guess this is World or Omni but not sure???

I sense some ill will to the Aer Lingus peeps :confused: Now that you mention it I have seen pics of a World MD-11 with their markings.

LOL…Aer Fungus is my nickname for name EIN. Flown them many times back in their 707 days which really makes me feel old :smiley:

Sounds like we have some cunning linguists here. And some of them are good speakers too.

That’s about as close as I can get to my nickname for them. :open_mouth:

Naaahhhh old to me is a state of mind…mind you I’m a young 37…and porterjet that is some funny stuff there!! :laughing: :laughing:

That was my original CB “handle” back in the day! :open_mouth: :laughing: