This is actually a military flight. The aircraft is a P-3C Orion belonging to VP-1 (Screaming Eagles) hence the EGL “Eagle” 4 callsign. The flight track is the GCA pattern for KNUW that the P-3’s use everyday for training.

Perhaps so, but officially EGL is Capital Trading in the UK that uses light twin props and the callsign “Prestige”.

There’s nothing wrong with having mil flights in the database; in fact, the more the better I say!


Pity we can’t get a USAF ‘Reach’ feed!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I totally agree. Being military, I enjoyed watching it’s flight (not to mention I am a flight engineer on the P-3) The squadron that was flying that flight is one of our sister squadrons. That’s the only reason I noticed the EGL call sign.