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Dump978-fa 4.0 will not start after reboot

I had been running 1090 and 978 ok on Stretch on an RPi 3 for year or two. I upgraded the RPi3 to Buster and installed Piaware, 1090. 978, and Skyaware. After the install everything is working fine but the first time I have to reboot dump978-fa does not start. 1090 works fine and Skyaware is running but no dump978-fa. Any ideas? Thanks.

Did you use the PiAware sdcard image or another image?

Have you configured dump1090-fa and dump978-fa with the appropriate serial numbers for your dongles?

I have never used the Piaware sdcard image. I have been running Piaware, dump1090-fa, and dump978-fa on an RPi 4 running Buster and everything worked ok for months. I put a fresh image of Buster on the RPi 4 and installed Piaware, dump1090-fa, and dump978-fa. I have different serial numbers for the RTLSDRs. 1090 and the feeder is working fine. The dump978-fa and skyaware process were running when I installed it. I have since discovered that dump978-fa runs a brief amount of time, then stops. The process is then restarted. This keeps repeating, 978 will start, then stop. This is the process:

dump978 419 1 5 02:50 ? 00:00:00 /usr/bin/dump978-fa --sdr driver=rtlsdr --format CS8 --raw-port 30978 --json-port 30979

and here is the configuration:

pi@tahoe:~ $ piaware-config
allow-auto-updates yes # value set at /etc/piaware.conf:7
allow-manual-updates yes # value set at /etc/piaware.conf:8
feeder-id 2e0a8105-c76d-409f-baee-efb213fce931 # value set at /etc/piaware.conf:12
receiver-type rtlsdr # value set at /etc/piaware.conf:13
rtlsdr-device-index 00001090 # value set at /etc/piaware.conf:10
uat-receiver-type sdr # value set at /etc/piaware.conf:9
uat-sdr-device driver=rtlsdr,serial=00000978 # value set at /etc/piaware.conf:11

uat-sdr-device and rtlsdr-device-index only do something on a piaware sdcard image. For a package install, you need to configure /etc/default/dump1090-fa and /etc/default/dump978-fa yourself appropriately to specify which device to use for each.

What will be happening is that dump1090-fa starts first and grabs (by default) the first rtlsdr device; when dump978-fa tries to start it also does the same, trying to get get the first device by default, and fails.

Ok, everything is working good now. Thanks very much.