DUMP1090 WEB I/F Aircraft with positions


I have forgotten the why so could someone please refresh my mind on how to understand in the dump1090 web interface the difference between the two values Aircraft Total and With Positions, as I always have less With Positions than Aircraft Total.
Can one obtain same values for each or near same values? Can understand that values needs to be improved for settings and/or antenna?

Sorry for this newbie question :slight_smile:

Cheers Steen

The difference between the two numbers is aircraft that you can hear some messages from, but don’t have a recent position. e.g. they are at the limit of your range so you don’t hear the longer position messages but can still hear the shorter messages; or they are Mode S, not ADS-B, and multilateration hasn’t filled in a position for them.

Got it - thanks OBJ, I will have to find a way to improve my antenna location as a new and better will then most likely take care the large difference.

Cheers Steen