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dump1090 program arguments..

So from reading here I’ve learned that the dump1090 program argument ‘–aggressive’ is not to be used. Are there arguments that can be safely added to improve service, or are the default settings the best configuration?

I am running the FA PiAware SD card image and my default settings are as follows in /etc/init.d/fadump1090.sh

PROG_ARGS="–quiet --net --gain -10"


Many of us are using a different version of dump1090 called DUMP1090-mutability. This has been extensively changed from the version im the image.

see ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/raspbian-ubuntu-packages-for-dump1090-mutability-available-t19619.html

The wonderful thing about doing stuff on the Pi is you can take out your working SD card and experiment on a new card, then later revert by just switching back to the one that works if it all goes wrong.

You have excellent range now - it may be difficult to get more with the R820T dongle.

Thank you the information. Is a dongle with the R820T2 tuner worth a try?

some say yes, some say no.

OK, so since I’m running a dongle with the R820T tuner and I was going to purchase another for backup purposes. I now know which one to pick up. :wink:


It would not hurt to have one of each. Then you can compare with your configuration. In mine current Antenna, amp, filter, etc… config the R820T gives better results. The difference is not major but is reproduceable.


I agree thanks.

I’ve read that some have compared setups by connecting two system to the same antenna. How is this accomplished? Some sort of splitter?