dump1090 fork with airspy / hackrf

found a dump1090 fork that’s intended to work with airspy - sadly not forked from mutability.
did you hear about this already - or gave it a try? will mutability integrate airspy functionality soon/at all?

Where’s the fork?

sorry :slight_smile: https://github.com/itemir/dump1090_sdrplus

I’m happy to take patches that merge that. I don’t have an airspy to test with.

The comments on the airspy commit about how it’s better to run the demodulator at a higher sample rate rather than resampling down match my own experience with the bladeRF as I mentioned in my earlier PMs. It would probably make sense to merge the 20MHz demodulator I have floating around at the same time. To run that on a Pi will be a challenge; it will have to be a Pi 2 and the demodulator will need to be parallelized to run on all 4 cores.

i think so much here would extremely appreciate this. running dump1090-mutability on top of an airspy receiver would make a high-end ads-b receiver below 300$. about 2 month ago i wanted to order an airspy for my testing but they did not have one for immediate delivery - and this status seems the same up to now …

So I ordered an airspy, however, there is a delivery wait(US and UK). It is probably related to the recent upgrade to the airspy2.

It seems to use the same 820T2 chip as other dongle so would it work at lower BW with dump1090-mut?
It if doesn’t work so well, I may need to send one to OBJ.

review of the airspy 1 by the UK RadCom Mag (RGSB I believe).

ADS-B Reception RTL vs Airspy Round 2 (airspy1 again)

It doesn’t use a RTL2832 for the digital stage, it uses an ARM chip running some custom firmware, so librtlsdr won’t see it or work with it. libairspy is what you’ll need to use instead.

I have done a little experimentation with a 20MHz capture someone sent me, and I have a working demodulator for that at least, so the remaining work is

  1. hook dump1090 up to libairspy to actually receive data in realtime;
  2. add multithreaded demodulation support and tune the demodulator so it runs fast enough on a Pi.

None of these are particularly difficult, it’s mostly a question of time…

libairspy installed. Just waiting on the dongle.

You should see a huge difference in performance with an airspy - Have a read of this review: ava.upuaut.net/?p=808

Relevant results:

Total Messages Received:
Airspy 65,150,313
RTL 32,973,049

Airborne Position:
Airspy 4,615,972
RTL 2,270,810

Airspy 533
RTL 635,549

I think that they are from the older dongles.
The T2 dongles seem to work better, not sure about 100% better like the stats for the airspy above show.

Those numbers are comparing an R820T2 dongle to an Airspy - both use the same receiver chip. The difference is the much better digital to analogue converter in the airspy - It allows reception of the full bandwidth of ADS-B messages (4 MHz or so, compared to 2.4MHz on the RTL dongle). That makes use of all the energy transmitted, which the dongles can’t. The improved dynamic range allows it to resolve overlapping messages much better, and it can handle a wider range of signal strengths before overloading so the gain setting is not so critical as it is with an RTL dongle. The Airspy also has a lower noise floor, so it’s able to detect weaker signals.

The RTL dongles are really limited by the D-A converters, so any properly designed receiver should see much better performance.

We have a proper decoder readily available for the RPi 2. It supports Beast and AVR formats.
Try with

airspy_adsb -l 30005:beast -c sdrsharp.com:47806:avr -p -w 4

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Thanks prog.
Does it do everything that dump1090 does or do I need to pipe it to dump1090?
Any idea when the new air spy’s will ship in the US?

Note that airspy_adsb is, unfortunately, closed source.

seems a little weird when they say open source on their website

Open source multi-platform libairspy and airspy host tools at github
Open source airspy firmware at github
Linux kernel SDR API (by Antti Palosaari) at github


Whenever they finally ship me one, I will give it a go.

I followed the standard PiAware installation and it connected to the beast port on localhost.
There will be a new stock at the US/EU distributors soon, otherwise Itead have them already.

I just got notified that my airspy shipped today.
Hoping to test it on the weekend.

I wonder if the rumoured airpspy mini will come out this year?
github.com/airspy/firmware it shows up here.

There is now a version of dump1090 available for the SDRPlay: github.com/SDRplay/dump1090

Unfortunately both SDR# and ADSB#, which used to be free ware (open source??), have been acquired by airspy. These are now available for download from airspy website, but when I tried to install on my windows desktop I got the message “not a valid win32 application”.

Download from Official Site (Air Spy):

However after some search, I found a pre-airspy version from adafruit website, and that one I could install & use on my windows desktop.

Download from adafruit:
(Somewhat older version, but works excellent)


Same, got the notification here as well. Looking forward to seeing whether I can enhance reception using a receiver with better dynamic range.