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Dump1090-fa process overloading CPU at 100% and stops responding/processing data

Running PiAware 4.0 on a RPi 3B+ but every day or so I find the dump1090-fa process goes from 25% CPU usage to 100% and it stops processing any data. Trying to kill the process with the kill command doesn’t work so I have to send a -9 signal to the process then restart the dump1090-fa service again.

Is there any way to provide logs to see what’s happening?

I’ve had some similar faults quite some time ago and the issue was the power supply.

If this command gives you any output you need to replace your power supply with a proper one (no phone charger):

sudo dmesg --ctime | grep voltage

You can check the dump1090-fa log … but i doubt it’ll say anything useful:

sudo journalctl --no-pager -u dump1090-fa

Smells like an error in the rtl-sdr or USB library. (but that’s guessing a bit :slight_smile: )

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You can try attaching gdb to get a stack dump when it’s in the bad state:

sudo apt-get install dump1090-fa-dbgsym

sudo gdb -p <pid of dump1090-fa>

(gdb) info threads
(gdb) bt

Another thing to try is strace:

sudo strace -f -o /tmp/log -p <pid of dump1090-fa>
# control-C after a few seconds, look in /tmp/log (it will be large)
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sudo dmesg --ctime | grep voltage


Under- **voltage** detected!

Thanks mate. I’ll run a 3A power supply and hopefully that fixes it.