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Dump1090-fa for 32-bit Ubuntu 18.04 and dump1090 for Windows?

Good morning!

I am using the Wiedehopf version of dump1090-fa on several Raspberry Pi’s (thank you to Wiedehopf)!

I also use several old Panasonic CF-18 Toughbooks. Formerly Windows XP, I have changed these to Ubuntu 18.04 and virtual Windows through Wine. I am currently using dump1090-mutability (from ADS-B Receiver Project), but this does not seem to be supported anymore.

I wonder if it is possible to run the Wiedehopf dump1090-fa version on 32-bit machines, or if anyone else has solved this problem?

On another matter, my Windows version of dump1090 is “donkey’s years” old and, I believe, modelled on the original dump1090 version. Again, is there a version of dump1090-fa for Windows please? I use the FA blue dongle direct with my Windows laptop when I am mobile.

Thank you,

I followed these instructions to setup Dump1090-fa and piaware on an Ubunto 20 system.

Don’t forget to follow Section 4 - Configure Station ID to Configure an Existing Station


I don’t have a dump1090-fa version?
Or do you mean tar1090?

You can use this guide, it’s independent of architecture, only requires Debian / Ubuntu or another Debian based OS:

No one working on dump1090-fa has interest in making sure it compiles on Windows.
I think it doesn’t, but i have never tried and don’t use Windows.

Guess you need to carry a 2nd laptop, maybe you can connect it to the car for power :wink:

Howto Install Piaware 3.8.1 on Ubuntu 18 & 19 and Debian 10 amd64 on PC

On the RPi’s I am using your installation of dump1090-fa that is separated from (does not install) Piaware. At least, I found it on your Github site.

But, this version does not install on 32-bit Ubuntu 18.04.

I think that the 32-bit is the big issue here. I just have several redundant Toughbooks that I want to still get some use out of.

Looking at some of the other links that people have kindly provided, they seem to be for 64-bit???

Regarding dump1090 on Windows. This is so that I can use with PlanePlotter whilst mobile / in hotel rooms, etc. I have a particular need to use PlanePlotter rather than FR24, Plane Finder, etc.


I’m not sure what you are after exactly, but this may or may not serve your purpose. I’ve never tried anything in the link, so can’t comment on how it works and I think it’s pretty old, but I had the link saved in my notes regardless:

I didn’t say you should use dump1090-fa.
Use the readsb automatic install script, it includes compilation.

I mean … try the steps in the link i included, pretty sure they will work no matter 32 / 64 bit …

Well i’m not saying you don’t need it, just saying dump1090-fa / reasdb doesn’t work on Windows.
So you’ll just have to use one of the old versions of dump1090 that do work on Windows.

Thanks abcd567, your link worked a treat on my Ubuntu Toughbook - dump1090-fa now up and running on one of them. As this machine is not uploading to FA, I just followed items 1 and 2 and it has done the trick.

Now for a really dumb question, so apologies! Does the process of installing dump1090-fa (as said, your 1 & 2) automatically remove dump1090-mutability? If not, please can you remind me of the command to completely remove it? (If relevant, the mutability version was installed through the ADS-B Receiver Project / J Prochazka).

The newly installed dump1090-fa is feeding FR24 and Plane Finder correctly, with PlanePlotter running on the said Toughbook through Wine.

Thank you again,

Thanks Wiedehopf. Installed successfully now.

On the other matter, trying to find the best dump1090 version for Windows to evaluate the recently released Mode-A & Mode-C MLATs on PlanePlotter.


Thanks Nitr0,

No, not what I am after, but sorted now thanks.




Following command should do it:

sudo dpkg --purge dump1090-mutability
sudo reboot


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Thank you SweetPea11,

Think I am sorted now.


Dump1090 on Windows (Malcolm Robb)


Click above link. This will download dump1090-master.zip
Extract it, you will get a filder dump1090-master
Inside this folder you will find another zipped folder dump1090-win.1.10.3010.14.zip
Extract it, you will get a folder dump1090-win.1.10.3010.14
Inside this folder you will find all files of dump1090 for Windows
Double click dump1090.bat and it will start dump1090






Files inside folder `public_html are has Windows line break (CR LF). This causes a blank map at localhost:8080.



To overcome this, open all files in folder public_html using notepad ++, change the line break from Windows (CR LF) to Unix ( LF) and save file.



After you change all files in public_html to UNIX (LF), restart dump1090 and reload browser to see the map




Above map is without clocks. After changing line breaks of files inside folder “public_html/coolclock” to Unix (LF), the map started showing the clocks .

Thanks abcd567.

I already have the original version running on my Windows laptop (although its version number is 1.15.1507.27).

I was wondering if there was a more recent / -fa version for Windows.

It seems not, so I will leave that one alone.


Up to about two years ago, the Flightradar24 had a Windows feeder, which included dump1090 for windows by Malcolm Robb. If I still have it on my Desktop, I will check its version number.


Since the Malcolm Robb’s Windows version of dump1090 has GUI displayed by files in its folder public_html, it may be worth trying to replace that folder by dump1090-fa’s public_html folder. It is a wild guess, but no harm in trying, somtimes wild ideas click :wink:

(1) Replaced dump1090 Windows version’s folder public_html by dump1090-fa’s folder public_html

(2) In the replaced folder, renamed index.htm to gmap.html

(3) Fired file dump1090.bat. Console opened and started showing flight table.



(4) In browser opened address localhost:8080


(5) Double-clicked file gmap.html (original name was index.html, changed to gmap.html)