Dump1090-fa extended with Javascrip instrument view

:slight_smile: I did some more stuff not yet on Github if you are interested… right now it looks like the snap below
Added airways, VOR,NDB etc. and also import routes (well the source is a bit unreliable and sometimes plainly wrong…)
Let me know…

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Looks good. The instrument panel works but the data on the left side doesnt show but blank on the one I have installed.

How do I get the data displayed in the three boxes I have encircled?

The 3 dashes indicate that the IAS, TAS data is not available for the selected plane.
Only if this happens with any plane there might be something wrong.
Let me know - may be but all files in public_http into one Zip to investigate

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Most SSRs in the US don’t interrogate for this info (and it’s only sent if interrogated for). The “weather” data layer at https://flightaware.com/adsb/coverage#data-coverage shows approximately where you should see IAS/TAS etc.

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In order to make the panel additions easier to use I provided the html part in an independent Git Repo

Also includes a guide now how to deploy and use in parallel to the FA original SkyView site.
So both exist and can be used independently of each other. This removes the need of editing or interfere with FA provided material.
It may also give a hint on how to deploy other alternatives without too much trouble for the user.
Guide is here: dump1090-html_2/SetupGuide.pdf at master · bm98/dump1090-html_2 · GitHub

In addition it refers to a tool to create databases for various purposes but this will be reported in its own thread.

Hope this will help some

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