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Dump1090-fa no display

Well it was working fine but I’ve obviously done something to mess it up :frowning:

was giving me the standard text screen display but now all I get is
rtlsdr: no supported devices found

My system consists of a RPi with airspy.
I installed the FA SD card image then used the Wiedehopf instructions 1a

A google search has not shown up anything pertinent so I’m asking here.
Drastic measure would be to re-install the FS SD card image again and redo but hopefully it is just a configuration that I have mistakenly changed somewhere.

Any ideas?


That’s expected, dump1090-fa is running in net-only mode if you configured it correctly as per the instructions.

Did you go 1a) or 1b)?

Your stats show you as online, or are you using a second station?

Anyway i highly recommend using my script, much less to get wrong:

It should “just work”.


Many thanks for the reply.
Yes the system is working and it is online.
It’s just the dump1090-fa display that no longer does what it did before.

I’m not sure what happened. I was doing several things, always dangerous. Essentially though I was just adjusting the various receiver options when I noticed the Piaware screen was telling me it had not received any messages from the receiver in a while. I think in the end this turned out to be a bad USB cable, though not before I had gone back through the configuration adjustments.

I’m sure I went with 1a as I have a Piaware SD card image and your instructions clearly state it should be either or, and yes it did indeed “just work” :slightly_smiling_face:

Well if those options are malformed like forgetting or adding a dash, then airspy_adsb might not start anymore.
You can check that with

sudo journalctl -u airspy_adsb

You can also check the dump1090-fa log, but as you probably were not adjust those options, it shouldn’t matter.

Okay well major egg on face at this end :laughing:

I’ve been using the wrong command :scream:

I had thought it should be dump1090-fa but since you assured me that was clearly working okay, and I agree I did a bit of digging and I should have been using view1090-fa :flushed::roll_eyes:

It does raise one question for me though, is there a list of all commands related to piaware, dump1090 and others?


Not that i’m aware of.

Most people would just look at the webinterface anyway instead of using view1090-fa.