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dump1090 3D Viewer

This was yesterday after installing and some playing with the parameters :slight_smile:

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Sunday evening

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Busy sunday, with OOLET flying some circles…

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Frankfurt Airport landing towards the East today:
(final approach is too low for me to receive)



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I have it installed but I need help with the variables. if it is installed on the piaware imagine then use as the IP? also what is the default port on Piaware? I left it at 80 but I see the map which is centered on the Netherlands and when I move the maps I see my rings but no aircraft. is not gone work, the 3d-viewer script is loaded on webbrowser and needs the ip-adress of the Raspberry…

just press the space-bar when you found a nice camera positions .
and copy the camera coordinates into the variables.js

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Quite a lot of general aviation stuff around today:



So far all works good. Now to add airports. two questions;

  1. how to add airports?
  2. Can 3D maps be installed on a Pi3B that is not the flight feeder. I have a third Pi3B as a VRS and MODSMIXER2 server. Can I run 3D mas on this and feed the data from a separate Pi?

Hi, You could also add Airport names ect.

airport data


Downloading data

Download airports.csv.

Open it with Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice and check the contents.
MyRadar 24 will not move if you register everything because there is too much volume.
Select from the 2nd line to the last line and rearrange the data with the iso_country column.
Delete all lines of unnecessary countries.

If it still seems that the amount of data is large, rearrange the data in the type column and delete lines such as heliport.

Save the data as CSV.

Convert CSV to JSON with online service

Paste the created JSON data into new text.
Add to the beginning of the line below

“airport”: [
Add to the last line

Save and rename to airports.json.

…/json/airports.json and overwrite it.

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Thursday evening.

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Is there easy way to uninstall?

It doesn’t use any CPU or memory, so you can just leave it.

Anyway this should be all of it if you used the install script:

sudo rm /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled/88-shogooda3d.conf
sudo systemctl restart lighttpd
sudo rm -r /usr/local/share/shogooda3d
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Start Holding

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19.00 trouble with fueling planes @AMS

Very Quiet

Holding and diverting to Belgium.

Great atmospheric conditions this morning receiving planes on ground 30nm away

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

August 2019 - Quick fix 3D-viewer

Replace in index.html

<script src="https://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js"</script>


 <script src="https://cesiumjs.org/releases/1.60/Build/Cesium/Cesium.js"></script>