PlaneFinder client updated - 3d and vertical view :)

Morning gents,

Thought I’d share this with you - sure most of you have spotted it already…

The client now offers 3d, vertical view and also allows you to pan / tilt / zoom the view.

Interesting to see aircraft progress in both ascent and descent, as well as horizontal.

Now my ant’s sorted, I’ll be updaing this and Joe’s ADSBRecieve this weekend, if GF gives me some time off blinkin’ house chores… :wink: !

This is cool! I am trying it now. Looks like the new viz doesn’t show MLAT flights, which is too bad (about 75% of traffic around me is MLAT)

Yeah, same problem here with no MLAT. I wrote to them. Apparently they don’t support MLAT on Pi.