Dual-band antenna?


Since it looks like FlightAware discontinued their 978/1090 dual-band antenna, does anyone know of any other outdoor 978/1090 antennas? Or know what the bandwidth of the FlightAware 5.5dBi antenna is?


DPD has 978 and 1090 Mhz Antennas

A wideband “Discone” antenna would work but has a huge bandwidth and little gain.


Yes, they have 1090 and 978 monoband antennas, but doubling up on antennas at $150 each (and then double the coax or double the diplexers) isn’t what I’m looking for. I’d like a single dual-band antenna that I can split to two receivers via a power divider or diplexer.


The loss and extra noise from each device may not be worth it.
If you were closer, I would give you mine(FA Dual band).


According to my antenna analyzer the FA may work reasonably well at 978, not ideal, but not deaf.


It’ll work, but the test performed by the RTL-SDR Blog showed a 10:1 SWR at 978, as opposed to 1.15:1 on 1090.


Better than that on my analyzer, it fell into one of a number of dips in VSWR the antenna has.