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Flightaware 1090 ADSB antenna bandwidth

Once again I am thinking out loud. I was wondering if the Flightaware ADSB antenna has the bandwidth to support 978 MHz? I feed all my ADSB with RG6 type CATV cable so I do have a missmatch but I see acraft as far as 270 plus miles. I was thinking that feeding both of my 1090 and 978 dongles by using a 3.5 DB CATV splitter. Any thoughts?

No, I do not think so. They actually sold one ages ago, but that has been discontinued.

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I am sure is not a sharp cut-off, you can still “see” something. But… are you using a filtered preamp at the antenna? How wide is that band?

I was considering doing the same, just as an experiment, but I would have to replace the preamp, so… that might be for another day. This is the bandwidth of my SAW filters (vertical lines are at 30MHz apart):


The 1090 side has the pro stick plus which is pre amped and filtered, the 978 side has the yellow pro stick which is pre amped but no filter.I dont have the filter installed with the coax.