Dornier 328 Jet/ Turbo-prop

Anybody out here have specs on the Dornier 328, also would like to know if any of them fly around as Cargo aircraft ?
Fairly sure not here in USA but maybe some people here are from Europe and have info.

Thx Mike :laughing:

Vision Airlines uses them for passenger service from Mesa, AZ to Las Vegas

As you noticed, a couple of people gave you links. I’m sure they did a search using Google or another search engine.

With the Internet, you are not limited to a particular country or continent. In the future, you may wish to do the search yourself for a question like this. “Feed a man a fish, he’s not hungry for a day. TEACH a man to fish he will never be hungry.”

Gee, the way I heard it was: “Give a man a fish and he won’t be hungry for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll sit in a boat and drink beer.” -Jan/CID

The most important spec for this plane is passenger perception: they suck!

Horizon Air bought them to replace their 19 seat metros in mid 90s. They quickly ditched them and went to all Dash 8 turbo prop fleet

I flew on a Dash 8 D (Q400) from SEA-MSO. We did it in a record breaking 59 minutes AND landed on runway 29. That means we didn’t just fly a straight in approach. We flew something like a downwind, base, about 3-5 final. That was QXE348 (Horizon 2348).

A Q200 also flies over my house at around 5000 ft enroute to Canada (not YVR).

Edit: Daniel, can you please check the ETEs for all Dash 8s flying from SEA to MSO to confirm my record breaking flight. :slight_smile:

I used to fly the Q400 to MSO all the time and thats pretty normal time.

The 200 flying over you might be going to Bellingham. Also Jazz flies them north over you SEA - YVR.

I meant YYJ. Sorry. Those Canadian names all have V,Y,R,Z and thy’re so confusing. SEA-YVR also flies over my house.

The Q200s to BLI are sometimes routed to CVV (VOR-DME freq 117.4) which is on Whidby Island and more than 15 miles away from me. I looked for the flights (SEA-BLI) and found that right now, they are being routed over my house.