Dornier 328

Recently here at Ames we have had both the Dornier 328 and the Fairchild Dornier 328JET on our ramp (and once at the same time) for university team charters. I was wondering what the main differences were between the two of them are (besides the turboprop/jet difference) and how a decision would be made on which one to use. They both are nice looking planes and challenges to fuel and it would be interesting to hear your opinions.

The Dornier 328 was discussed earlier but not along the same topic lines as I am looking.

The 328 is slightly longer than the 328JET. Both have up to 33 seats.
Maximum speed: 405 kts (328JET) 335 kts (328)
Payload 7716 pounds (328JET) 7606 pounds (328)
Range 2000 nm (328JET) 1000 nm (328)
Which one to pick would boil down to performance needed. They both have the same seating capacity, nearly the same payload but the 328JET is faster and has longer range.

The 328jet was developed to compete against the crj and the erj. It has the same wing.

the 328JET has over 9000 lbs. higher dry weight. That combined with the fact that the 328’s prop is pretty efficient probably means that over a short stage length and identical payload, the 328 will be cheaper to operate.