Don't take our flying freedoms for granted...


Been corresponding with a GA pilot in Israel the past day or so.

He had sent me a VFR sectional (map?) of how they navigate inside Israel. Their VFR requirements appear to me to be more strict than our IFR requirements as not only do they fly checkpoint to checkpoint visually, but they are restricted to ONE altitude only between checkpoints on VFR flights and always in touch with ATC.

When was the last time you did a dead reckoning flight? Why I ask?

Snippet of his last email to me verbatim.

“i sent you here the link to IFR map inside of israel, i think they lood exectuly like the IFR map outside of israel the only diffrent is that all the country around us a re enemys soo if we want to fly to another country we fly over the big sea and we lost the VOR signal, that why we sould always navigate not only with the VOR but also by the time on the clock (old navigation).”

Yep, subject line says it all…


I don’t want to get all political, but I wonder why?


So you’re surprised that international IFR flights in Israel are not similar to domestic VFR flights in the US?

Similarly, I ate a burrito yesterday in El Paso that’s nothing at all like a car I rented in France.


To be quite honest with you, lieberma, I’d be terrified of flying low-performance GA in Israel, especially anywhere near the Palestinian boarder. But, I’m sure GA in Israel is done with regularity and no incident. It just freaks me out to think that I could be the easy target of someone with a political axe to grind and a SAM pointed at me with no chaff dispenser available. Besides, how many g’s can a PA-28R take anyway doing jinks left and right. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, the psychology of flying GA in Israel, has got to be very interesting to say the least - because as stated correctly, they are surrounded by enemies.

I bet owning and operating a Jetwarbird in Israel, ranges anywhere from extremely tough to mission impossible. Would you please ask your friend what the Jetwarbird Community looks like in Israel. I’d be really interested to learn what he has to say. Heck. Here in the U.S., you can put a 4th generation tactical combat aircraft in the skies (demilitarized) under the Experimental Category, with virtually no problems at all.

You just gotta love America for that. :wink: Oh, the joys of general aviation! :laughing:


To the OP’s point.

What could kill us in GA more than anything else, are the fuel prices at the truck/pump! That’s taking away a lot of “freedoms” right now, as many in GA are pulling back on their flying, due to the ridiculous cost for many.

All the more reason why oil should be de-listed, IMO. Completely taken off the exchanges. It is too strategic to be toyed with by market speculators. Wholesale, Production then Retail - that’s should be the path to the consumer. We are getting ripped on the retail side by having oil traded like a commodity/security.

De-list oil now!


How many international VFR GA flights have you done by dead reckoning? :unamused:




No doubt!

I also believe you know what point I am driving across WRT to subject line and having to do your 5 flights with a good ole stop watch vs us calling up customs on our bordering countries AND having nav aids :wink:


186 NM

I’ll try more when my Jepp View finishes updating. No point in Allen having the only map.



hmm, those are a bit small. sorry.
VFR flight plans have been required since Icarus F’d up. Talking to ATC all the time not so much but usually in countries that are “at war” even if no serious shots have been fired for years. It’s the military’s way of keeping tabs on everybody and not shooting now and asking questions later.