Don't be surprised...


Hey, Mods…

Don’t be surprised if you see a huge increase in hits to the site over the next few days. a lot of people are tracking UPs flights to see if their pre-ordered iPhone 4s has started to ship out from MEM and SDF.

Yes, they are that obsessive. But don’t be surprised… Just FYI. :slight_smile:



Wouldn’t they just check their tracking number on :unamused:


They are that obsessive. They want to know where their iPhone is from start to finish. Lurk through somewhere like the forums and view some of the shipping threads.

Just recently, one person complained that the flight their phone was on went from VHHH - PANC - KSDF, and they live in CA. They wanted to know why it went to the other side of the country and not directly to him. Now he’s tracking flight from KSDF - KONT for it to get on the truck to him.



Why? It’s an Apple product to begin with. That lowers it 10 points right off the bat. The AT&T data plan for it is more expensive than other smartphones. Another 10 points deducted.


Why? one word.


Honestly, they live and breathe it so much that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone already has an idea to bring up Jobs and attempt to reanimate him…

Also, you do know it is available for Verizon and Sprint in the US now, no?



I know it’s available from Verizon and Sprint. Having AT&T for my carrier, I’m familiar with their data plan rates.

I’m a big fan of some things but I have never been so fanatical about anything that my life revolved around it.


But how do they know which flight number it’s on?


That’s actually very easy to do.

Let’s use a package coming from ABQ to Chino, CA (near ONT). The tracking information from UPS says the package processed at their ABQ facility 8:42 p.m. MDT today. I look up flights from ABQ to ONT today. I notice that UPS has a flight from ABQ to ONT that departed on 9:00 p.m. MDT There’s a great chance that the package was on that flight (UPS887).

You can also confirm that after the flight has arrived. UPS887 arrived at ONT at 9:21 p.m. PDT. You see that the tracking information shows the package was processed at 9:44 p.m. PDT I’d give great odds that UPS887 was the flight the package was on.

Same process works even if the package is indirectly routed to your location. Just check the times and compare it to the UPS (or whatever carrier). It’s just as easy to see if a package went ABQ-SDF-ONT as it is nonstop.


Apple makes better products then anyone. You might want to read the financial news once in awhile.
The company is worth more then most small countries. It is the most profitable company in the USA out performing Exxon. You don’t get that way by making an inferior product.

So I guess you can knock 10 points off your observation.


What I said was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. This guy just happens to not like Apple products.


Heck when I was tracking my Telescope I bought via FedEx I just tracked the order number I couldn’t find out the flight or anything but did say it went through MCO to MEM. I’m not getting the iPhone 4 for quite some time.


I had to laugh when I read this thread. I just got my new iPhone 4S this week. I followed it by the hour from order through delivery. I was traveling and was quite surly when I noticed it go through KMCI when I had just arrived there for 2 nights. If only I had known it would take that route, I would have tried to rush over to the UPS facility to take delivery early! :laughing: