Does Lufthansa have plans to put the 748I on FRA-DEN route?


I don’t know how good pax are but I think the 748I would do good here, when the A346 comes in.


Sorry we dont have a 747-800

We do have a 747-8F and a 747-8I.

As far as DIA it would be up to pax airlines or cargo airlines. I notice more and more of our Cargo airlines bringing
them into various USA Airports. I think the -8F has been to DIA at least once.


Yes,only once it was a Cargolux 747-800F doing touch n goes.


Please its the 747-8F We do not have a 747-800

NO ZEROs, JUST 8 :laughing:


Yea - it’s a cost-cutting program at Boeing. :smiley:


Sorry about that guys.


Doesn’t look like.
The website says:

The new Jumbo is already in service on the routes from Frankfurt to Bangalore, Delhi, Washington and Los Angeles and will soon also be flying to Hong Kong.