Does acting safety pilot fullfill XC PIC req. for IA ratings doesn’t mention yeah or nay, just PIC?

When I did my IA checkride, DE asked me for my “solo hours” (meaning sans passengers). I believe he was looking to be sure I was “sole manipulator” of the flight controls. He had me enter a lesser value in the application then what was in my log book.

I was wondering if I did a simulated IFR XC under VFR and had a pilot in the right seat act as safety in my plane and appropriately rated in my lowly Sundowner, would that flight time be allowable for the 50 hour XC time for the time building IA rating pilot?

Could be a big money saver to those trying to build XC hours for that IA rating if the above thought is allowable?

I think so. Let’s put it this way, EVERYBODY I went through flight training with did exactly that. And, since the safety pilot is a required crewmember he gets to log second in command time.

I believe lieberma is correct in his XC plan.

Re porterjet, the safety pilot logs PIC, not XC or SIC though.

Ohhh, I think you may have answered the question… Makes sense, somewhat :confused:

PIC is not the same as XC when logging times.

Just as you posted this, I did find which would be confirming your answer that my thoughts would not work and that is getting the safety pilot some XC time while acting as PIC to save him money.

I was hoping to save him some money for that 50 hour XC time requirement.

I don’t have my logbook over here in paradise but now that you mention it I think that is what we did thirtysome years ago too.