Does a pre-flied IFR plan show up early as routed?

Great service!
I understood if I filed IFR an hour or two prior to departure I may be able to look up on the assigned routing maze which is 99% of the time much different than filed. Is it in the system only the last 30 minutes prior, and then does it show up as planned by FAA’s computer on FlightAware? IF so that’s a great Alert feature! Can I add it as an Alert to my phone? It’d be nice just looking it up on FlightAware and copying it before the Clerance Delivery spins it off while the engine is running and other planes are waiting. Thanks again. N42PG out of KWWD.

We receive the filed flight from the FAA about 2 hours before departure time, or 5 minutes after filing if within 2 hours of departure time. At that time we’ll send out any filed alerts you have set up (email, mobile (sms), push to apps, post to facebook, etc) including the expected route that has been digested and often modified by the FAA. It’s easy to set up, just click alert me on your aircraft page and pick where you want it to go.