Distance from Receiver



I have a very simple indoor setup, most of my signals are within 50 miles, some 50-100, seldom any at 100-150

Today I noticed ONE signal at +250 miles

What causes this anomaly?



Sometimes, I get MLAT positions which are a lot farther distant than my ADS-B positions.

Do you recall what the data source of your 250 mile position was?


atmospheric ducting.


Not sure how you can tell what the data source is. Just shows on the outside of the Pie Chart display.

Just says 1 position seen.



When you click on the target aircraft, a box will open with various parameters.

One of them will be “Source”. Usually ADS-B or MLAT (if you have MLAT enabled)


There isn’t a way to find out if you’re just looking at your ADS-B page on the FA page. If you saw it live on your device, then you could click on it. This is a mod I’m working on. Storing the information about the planes from further out and showing it on my device HTML file (i.e. record distances, etc.)