Discussions Forum unavailable every morning


Why is it that lately the Discussions Forum is unavailable with a timeout message “unable to connect to database” until about 3PM PDT?

Is there something wrong with my ISP? Maintenance?


They’re offline every day for about 8 hrs I’ve noticed, typically day time here in the UK. I keep emailing them to tell but other than the automated “we have received your email” email I get back, I don’t think they’re taking a blind bit of notice.


I’ve never experienced 8 hour interruptions, but for at least an hour or two at least once a week I have the same problem.


Same here. But I give up after 10 minutes. Haven’t tried for eight hours. :wink:


Ya sometimes (Oct 19, and another day) it happens to me. But I just go look at my Terminal procedures…


The discussion forums aren’t run on the same infrastructure as the actual FlightAware.com service and related FlightAware services for a variety of reasons.

It seems that it’s having some reliability issues and we’ve just made some changes to help improve it (the forums had another problem this morning). There was some discussion yesterday about getting some new equipment to host the discussion forums and I think that would “fix the glitch.”

Sorry, I agree it’s lame.


Dunno whereabouts you are in the US to compare your morning time to UK time but the forums were offline about an hour ago, so that’ll be 1730ish UTC.


We’re in Central Time (currently CDT, UTC-5) and everyone at FlightAware was recovering from sleep depravation this morning leading up to and during NBAA.




Emoticon quota for the week now met…


You guys must definitely be hungover Dan, central time is GMT-6! :wink:


Central Time is UTC/GMT -5 during Daylight Savings Time, and -6 during the winter. So it is in fact -5 right now.



I don’t think you Yanks know what day it is, never mind what time! :laughing:



You guys are right, my bad.

I always equate GMT with UK time in my head, always forgetting that UK time is an hour ahead of GMT due to daylight savings time.

Having taught celestial navigation many years ago, it’s something I should remember without any difficulty.

Ah well, if you’re gonna’ make a mistake, make it in public I always say. Gives your friends a chance to appreciate your embarassment. :wink:


…and to revel in it!

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Ah yes, forgot to mention the family aspect that causes any faux pas to take on a half-life akin to Uranium-235!

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