Disconnection problems

Could anyone suggest why I might be getting periodic and short-lived disconnection issues evident the attached message rate graph from 15.00? I am feeding data from a Radarcape receiver to a RPi running Readsb and graphs1090. The stats traces from Radarcape don’t show any problems at that end, and there is no problems in the feed to Planefinder and Planeplotter during the same period, although they are fed directly from the Radarcape and not via the RPi.

Many thanks

Check the readsb log: Automatic installation for readsb · wiedehopf/adsb-scripts Wiki · GitHub

Likely there is an issue with the connection, so either the pi or the Radarcape drop off the network.

Thanks. The Log shows a series of connection attempts which are timed out, and a few established connections. The logs for the Radarcape don’t suggest any problems at that end so it must be the Pi that is dropping off. Any ideas why that might happen?


Bad wifi reception? …
It’s hard to find such network issues … even if i do it myself it’s annoying. I might not be knowledgeable enough for that stuff / not know the right tools to use.
Anyhow you’re on your own, best i can tell you, just try stuff.
Try re-orienting the RPi or use a different case if you’re on WiFi.
Or switch to using ethernet …

Check also the graphs the Radarcape provides on it’s performance page. Are the drops visible there as well?
In this case the Radarcape does not reach the local network for a certain time.
The rcd process on it is designed to restart whenever the connection drops.
Check also the “monitored aircraft” chart. If the MLAT graphs drop to zero, that’s also an indicator of a network issue.

On the Raspberry side there are some devices having issues with WiFi disconnects intermittenly. I have one of these, but never sorted it out why it happened. Sometimes it last 2 days or more, sometimes the network drops are occuring several times of the day.

Many thanks for the advice and suggestions. The Radarcape stats look fine and nothing evident in the Network Data Ports Status file for all ports except 10003 which I’m using to feed data to Readsb. I suspect it is a RPi wireless issue although what makes it confusing and frustrating is that it only starts late afternoon and continues through the evening, and there are no changes to the number of devices connected to the network at that time.

Thanks again for the help.

As said, i have one device which is connected for a week and then starts dropping a few times over a day. Then the next day it’s working stable again.

Before too much headache i simply added one of wiedehopfs scripts (pingfail) which reboots the device once site is not pingable.

Not a solution for the root cause, but i can live with it.

Maybe interference from neighboring WiFi networks? Looks like the time people come home from work and use the internet?

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