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Reboot on lost Wi-Fi

Anyone ever give this a try (link below)? I just followed this how to, to use this script and added it to cron. I have had a few instances lately of either dropped internet or wi-fi and it costs me downtime on my stats.

@wiedehopf has a script named pingfail in his scripts collection. It pings two different sites every five minutes and reboots the device if not pingable.

Works pretty straight forward and offers an installer to get it installed as a service.
It’s one of the first things i install on a fresh device.

You can e.g. set one of the targets to your router to avoid reboots in case your internet connection drops


Also check a fix for the possible root cause (instead of the work-around reboot):
Raspbian dropping off the network potential workaround · wiedehopf/adsb-wiki Wiki · GitHub

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Ultimately I think the root cause is due to my wifi gear and it’s the AP itself having issues. But I 100% agree that fixing the root cause/issue is a much better approach. I’m all ubiquiti unifi here at my house and go with the beta releases from time to time. AP’s loosing connection and then the clients loosing a connection isn’t unique to my setup. In prior releases this wasn’t an issue, so hopefully the wi-fi reboot work around will get me by until a few issues with the unifi releases are worked out.

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