Different font in some MLAT results in aircraft list?


I occasionally get some MLAT aircraft that have a slightly different font in the list next to the map. Does anyone know why this happens? I’ve included a picture of the screen from an occurrence of one of these instances. I’m running the latest Piaware with dump1090 fa and dump978, though I am not sure that I have the dump 978 working at this time.

The flight in question is ICAO 9FBC5F, if you look closely at the photo, the font is slightly canted to the right. The"0"s are much larger and rounded than the others in the list. It stands out much more on the actual screen than what shows in the photo.

I am very new to this and was was curious as to why this would happen on select aircraft. I’ve only seen it on some of the MLAT results not on any ADS-B or Other aircraft.


mlat aircrafts in italics are aircrafts that are anonymized by flightaware since some month. they say it’s on aircraft-owners demand …


Thank you for your response. I was trying to find the answer, but had no luck. I see now that those aircraft don’t have any id or other info attached.


often you can find these aircrafts with all data on other platforms like planefinder, flightradar24 etc.



More generally, italicized rows are aircraft that are not using an ICAO 24-bit aircraft address: anonymized mlat, TIS-B track-file addresses, etc.


Click on “altitude” to sort, and you will likely have another aircraft with no position data at approx the same altitude. That’s the “anonymous” one. Almost always these are biz jets that the owner wants to block. Usually it is nothing interesting. In this case ac9196 probably, although you never know for sure.