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Aircraft shown twice on local map

Any idea why this aircraft is shown twice on my local map?
Screenshot below is taken from ADSBx where it’s visible only once

And it’s not a second aircraft. no other site is showing it that way. Also the RSSI of the “shadow” remain at -49.5 all the time

Edit: After a while, the “shadow” is gone

Anonymous MLAT. (20 characters)


Thank you! (20 characters too)

In particular this can happen if you’re receiving a position via UAT or TIS-B, and also via (anonymized) Mode S MLAT.

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on my screen above both were registered yellow which should be MLAT. But as i’ve never seen it before, it’s not mission critical. Just curious

You are also getting a non-anonymized MLAT result from somewhere that’s not FA.
Probably should have mentioned that.
So one is an anonymous FA MLAT result, the 2nd is an MLAT result from a differen mlat network you participate in.


Thanks for the explanation. Makes totally sense, i did not think about that.