Anonymized MLATs revisited


Probably a message for obj.

I don’t have a problem with anonymized MLAT but I had assumed from all the examples I have seen that these included lower case letters to distinguish them. The italicisation doesn’t help if you are viewing in 3rd party software.

Anyway today “812385” was heading north over central England. Hmm I thought.

Not a known ADSB code which confused me. So I looked at the plot in PlanePlotter - it was US-registerd ERJ-135.

So my question is: is it possible to ensure that these anonymized MLAT do include the lower case options of “a,b,c,d,e,f” so they stand out from real values in 3rd part viewers?


PS As an aside, I’m fairly certain that an easyJet A320 is/was recently transmitting an incorrect hex code that falls into the “blocked codes”! On several occasions I’ve wondered what the blocked aircraft was and only an easyJet was anywhere in the location/altitude. Should have noted which it was - sorry.


Anonymized MLAT is generated in the form of DF=18 CF=5 messages (equivalent to anonymous TIS-B data) so if your third party software can filter based on that then you can identify or remove messages based on that criteria.