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Difference in number of aircraft

So I am feeding Flightaware and RB24 from the same pi off the same dongle. I see a huge difference in the number of aircraft between the 2. FA always shows way more than RB24 by a difference of up to 30 aircraft. Is there something I need to check in a configuration somewhere?

I am feeding Flightaware, Flightradar and Opensky-Network.
All three are showing daily differencies but i never asked why. The differencies are low.
There could be a difference based on filtered military and/or MLAT count.
Even by when a day starts (CET or UTC) can make a difference

My device shows this for yesterday
Flightaware: 2009 ADS-B (2259 Total)
Flightradar: 2275 Total
Opensky: 2254 Total

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I am seeing 1/3 less on RB24 just making some educated guesses watching it over several hours. I guess it could be filtering. ADSB exchange is showing the same number that FA is showing. Just wanted to make sure something weird wasn’t happening.

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