Did the Boeing 737 jet have fuel dump valves when produced

I have read much about this little stunning jet and it’s past history since Boeing produced it from it’s beginnings from the 737-100 up until know with the Boeing 737-900 jets in production over the years many produced had fuel dump valves where as others weren’t fitted with this can someone or a pilot that have flown these type jets tell me if they did have them fitted into what ever series of the Boeing 737 jets and were they ever used at all on emergency landing?. I really want to know this. Cheers :laughing: :laughing:

yes they did some series had them. I know for a fact most don’t use them or were fitted with the fuel valves. The series Boeing 737-400’s 500’s were fitted with them also Preacher1 might be able to share light with you on this.

The manufacturing rules changed several decades ago. If I remember correctly if the airplane was to be certified with a Max. Takeoff Weight 10% higher than the Max. Landing Weight there had to be a wing fuel dump system installed. The rule was in place from the early piston days, if you had a problem the idea was to get back on the fround as soon as possible. When jets came around the immediacy went away. I supose because in the old days uncontained engine and wing fires were more common and the one thing you wanted to do was lighten the airplane to aid in the initial climb but also to be down to landing weight by the time the crew got the thing around the pattern. Flying with a fire burning in the wing is not a good idea. With jets the fire suppresion was better and the incidences of wing fires basically disappeared so the manufacturers pushed for a rules change that enabled them to get rid of the expensive and heavy dump system. Early jets had them because the rules had not changed yet. Some auxilliary fuel systems still have them today and some manufacturers still install wing dump on some models…

Back in 1969 when NAC (NATIONAL AIRWAYS COOPERATION NZ) got there first three Boeing 737-219’s before they merged with Air NZ in 1978 ZK-NAC ZK-NAB ZK-NAA were not fitted with these fuel valves until 1979 when Air NZ modified them eventually the whole fleet of there 737’s got modified.

No 737’s were produced with fuel dump except for the -700’s used for the Wedgetail AEWC aeroplanes.

Not sure of the P8 Poseidon has fuel dump but wouldn’t be surprised if it does.